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Clinic FAQs


Who can use our clinic?

The PAWS Centre offers a low cost vet clinic for those with a Wigan post code who are on a means tested benefit.  It is only for cats and dogs.
Please note that it is not a free service but is much cheaper than a high street vet.  A consultation fee is £15. Any medication prescribed is extra but is at a reduced cost.

What do I do to access the clinic?

If you have never before brought your pet to this clinic before then you would need to register with us before we can give you an appointment. Please feel free to call in and register with us any Monday, Wednesday or Friday between 9am and 1.00pm, bringing with you proof of one of the following benefits:
Income support
Housing benefit
Education Benefit
Employment and support allowance (ESA)
Council Tax Benefit
Jobseekers allowance (income based)
Council Tax Benefit
Working Tax Credits
Pension credits
Universal Credit

You will also need to bring some form of proof of identity such as a utility bill or passport, and a £10 deposit.  This deposit would of course be deducted from your bill when your have seen the vet.  There is no need to bring your pet when you come to register.

We will regularly ask to see proof of benefits, in order to keep our records up to date.

How many pets can I register?

You are able to register a maximum of 4 pets.  

What Are The Charges?

General Consultation - £15 (medications extra)
Vaccinations: £20 for 1st vaccination, £15 for 2nd
Boosters £20
Microchipping £10 (or free with neutering)

Neutering and spaying

It is a condition of using the clinic that animals are neutered unless there are underlying reasons such as age or medical conditions which would make neutering inadvisable.  A vet will discuss this with you. 

Neuter and spay operations can be carried out at Wigan RSPCA with the exception of dogs weighing over 25 kilos and/or female dogs over the age of three years. Payment needs to be made at the time of making the appointment.  

Costs are as follows:

Cats (male) £25
Cats (female) £30
Dogs (male) £35- £45 depending on breed
Dogs (female) £35-£55 depending on breed

A female dog needs to have a pre-spay check so that the vet can determine the best time to spay.  There is a £5 charge for this.  Please note that payment for neutering must be made in advance.

What if I don’t wish to have my animal neutered?

It is an owners personal choice as to whether to neuter or not, but you must be aware that we will not see any of your pets if you do not comply with the conditions. You will need to see a private vet.  As a charity the RSPCA deals with the fall out from breeding of cats and dogs, whether intentional or accidental.  There are also very valid health reasons for neutering.  Please consider if you can afford the cost of expensive treatment at a private vet, for breeding related issues.  Please feel free to discuss the matter with our vet.

Repeat Prescriptions

Where medication is on a repeat prescription, upon vets’ advice, you may be able to obtain these without seeing the vet. Please telephone prior to clinic to order.  Sometimes the request will be declined by the vet.  Please understand that there will be reasons for this. Don’t get cross with us!

What if we can’t help?

Please note that the clinic is quite small and we currently only have a vet on site one day a week - Thursdays.  We are limited in the procedures which we carry out here – we offer spaying and neutering, vaccinations, flea and worm treatments and general health checks.  For anything more complex or serious you would be able to access the Greater Manchester Animal Hospital at Salford. They operate on the same system as us except that you do not need an appointment, you would need to attend between 7am and 4pm Monday to Friday and would be required to wait your turn.  Priority will be given to urgent cases.

If you need the services of a vet and we are unavailable, and you cannot attend the Animal Hospital, then please contact your nearest private vet.  Details in yellow pages and on the internet.